Frontier Therapy Center of Longmont is a 21-bed, in-patient therapy center specializing in the needs of adults. Our unique environment offers the answers you need so you can leave the facility with true peace of mind.

We provide a transitional apartment and kitchenette to our patients to give them the opportunity to function on their own or with the level of help they will receive once they return home. During a patient’s stay at this transitional apartment, the therapy team and the patient can identify any areas of function that need to be addressed before the patient is discharged.

Our primary goal is to help patients optimize functional ability and maintain independence. We encourage open communication among staff, therapists, families and patients. Upon admission, goals are identified so a treatment plan can be developed. Scheduled family conferences are also available.


We admit patients without regard
to race, color, national origin, sex or condition of handicap. We invite you to view the facility and we welcome your questions.

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